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Physical Therapy & fitness experts for all of New Orleans

Baudry Therapy Center is a fully integrated physical therapy and wellness center committed to providing the highest quality of patient care through the latest innovative techniques. Our team of physical therapists treats people, not problems!  Education with an emphasis on prevention is an integral part of therapy. Services include Augmented Soft Tissue Mobilization (ASTYM), manual therapy, dry needling, ergonomic training, LSVT BIG for Parkinson’s Disease, bone building for osteoporosis, nutrition/ weight loss and functional movement training.

Baudry Therapy Center, Powered by BRIO
Baudry provides physical therapy in a way that inspires optimal recovery and paves the path for physical health and wellness. In an effort to bridge the gap between therapy and wellness, we opened BRIO, an on-site, state-of-the-art fitness and performance training facility with an advanced team of performance and nutrition experts specializing in a spectrum of disciplines: functional training, core training, speed training, sports training (golf, running, tennis, soccer), strength and conditioning, and weight management. The convenience of providing training and therapy in the same location makes an efficient transition from rehabilitation back to optimal physical health and wellness.

Baudry Therapy Center, powered by BRIO, helps clients get more zest from life.  We offer a unique environment to feel, look, and get better. Baudry Therapy Center has experience in treating patients with orthopedic, neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, and sports medicine issues. Click to learn more about our services, or call us at 504-841-0150 to schedule a free consultation.