Running FIT – Run Fitness Training

run Fitness Training

Are you Running FIT?

Baudry Therapy Center’s Run fitness training can help you reach your running goals.

Unfortunately, most training programs are generic and unable to account for individual needs and desires.  At Baudry Therapy Center we feel run training should be specific, efficient and effective.

Utilizing the professional expertise of Physical Therapists, Exercise Physiologists, Personal Trainers and Run Coaches, our run training programs are individualized and designed to provide you with the most effective training program available.

Uncover the physical, mental, and mechanical limitations that could be hindering your running performance.

With hands on coaching you will learn how to:

  • Train with purpose and direction
  • Train for running performance
  • Decrease injury risk
  • Recover faster
  • Achieve your goals in less time

Increase strength, endurance, and speed.

Enlist the support and guidance of our experienced professionals to educate, inspire, and motivate; to take you further than you ever imagined!

Join us and our team of running friends to live better and run stronger:

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