Keep Your Shoulders Strong With These 3 Exercises

Shoulders are incredibly mobile joints. And as such they are capable of amazing things like throwing a baseball, rowing a boat, and even lifting a child in the air. But with the mobility comes the vulnerability to pain and injury.

To work properly shoulders must stay strong. To keep them strong and healthy try these 3 great shoulder exercises:

Attach your tubing to a secure structure between waist and shoulder height. Start by standing tall in a staggered stance position. Hold both handles of the sportscord. Make sure to pinch your shoulder blades together and hold your stomach in for better form.

Exercise #1

1) While keeping your arms straight, pull both of your arms out to your sides, to form the letter “T” with your body.

Exercise #2

2) The next exercise is a “Y”. With the arms straight, pull the cords up and out to form the letter “Y” with your body.

Exercise #3

3) The third exercise is a “I”.¬† With the same stance pull both arms back and down by your sides to form the letter “I” with your body.

Repeat each exercise for 10-15 repetitions focusing on your posture, and slow controlled motion. You might start with 1-2 sets and 2-3 times per week.

There should be no pain with any of these exercises. If there is pain, you should stop the exercise. This is an indication that the resistance is too strong, your technique is bad or you have a shoulder problem and you should come in for a physical therapy consultation to find out more specifically what would help your shoulders.

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