How to Avoid The Holiday Backache

Traveling for the holidays?

Getting away with family and friends is great fun, but the change in routine can often lead to neck and back pain.

Here are 4 tips to avoid the post trip aches and pains.

  1. get some light exercise before your trip.  You will likely be cooped up either in a car or on a plane, so do some light to moderate exercise prior to travel. This will help you relax while traveling.
  2. Use a lumbar roll, a towel, or small pillow to support your lower back for the trip.
  3. Stretch it out before unloading the bags. After a long trip your body is in no shape to grab the 40 pound bags out of the trunk. Take some time to loosen up before you unload.
  4. Avoid prolonged periods of sitting. Often when visiting family and friends we sit, and sit, and sit while catching up. Get up and move around while catching up. Suggest a walk, or other physical activity.
  5. Drink more water. While traveling you it is easy to get dehydrated.  Staying hydrated will help your body feel and perform better.

Make your trip fun and not a pain. For more information on how to avoid neck or back pain, like us on Facebook , follow us on Twitter, or contact our office.

Photo Credit: Angela Beairsto