PT alleviates back pain and hip pain for 86 year old

Anthony E. “Tony” Maurin, Jr. is 86 years old and was living in pain. Aside from sciatica pain in his right leg, Tony also suffered from a distended right knee, a bone spur in his left hip, and shortness of breath as a result of congestive heart failure.  His cardiologists implanted a pacemaker and prescribed numerous medicines to provide relief.  In addition, they suggested physical therapy to strengthen the muscles and increase functionality to reduce the friction between his vertebrae.

Many people would’ve given up and accepted this quality of life, but not Tony!  He decided to come to Baudry Therapy Center for physical therapy and he gave it his all.

“When I came to Baudry, I experienced a professional evaluation of my condition,” Tony said. “I worked with my physical therapist who corrected my errors and helped me learn the proper ways to perform my exercises. The pleasant camaraderie among the technicians was unexpected. My physical therapy lasted a few weeks, but now I’m able to work on them on my own.”

Rich Baudry, CEO, Baudry Therapy Center, said, “Tony was an awesome patient. His back pain and hip problems were significant, and in conjunction with his other health issues, he had gotten really de-conditioned. It doesn’t take long to lose strength and endurance.  As Tony got over those initial health issues, we worked on building his strength and endurance to help regain his mobility. He was committed to doing his exercises daily.  And we’re proud to say that he continues his daily exercises which is the real key to his success.”

Tony is now able to enjoy the activities he loves like spending time with his family, which includes his pet owl, Dusty. He also enjoys attending church, theater, and other social events and has the strength and endurance to continue to do so.  He even says he can’t wait to go fishing.

“After completing physical therapy, my sciatica pain is seldom more than two on the pain scale,” said Tony.  “And my left hip is 85% as smooth as the right hip. No shortness of breath anymore and I’m sleeping 8 hours a day with no pain.”

Sharing his passion with the Baudry Therapy Center team

We love it when our clients share their passion, or what we like to call BRIO, with us.  After completing his physical therapy, Tony and his wife brought his pet owl Dusty into the clinic for us to meet. Seeing an owl up close was definitely a HOOT!  Thank you, Tony, for your hard work, passion and for entrusting your health to our team.  We’ve loved watching you get back to doing the things you love!

If you are someone you love has had surgery and wants to return to the activities they enjoy, call Baudry | BRIO today and schedule your evaluation today!