Sitting and Back Pain – 4 Great Tips

Sitting too much causes back pain! See this segment on Fox morning show:

Sitting and Back Pain

Back pain exercise
Back pain exercise

Think about how many hours you sit a day:

in the car,

in traffic on your commute

at your desk

while eating meals

relax in the evening.

Sitting time can add up to 8-15 hours of sitting a day. 8-15 hours of anything is likely to cause pain. And in this instance it is back pain!

Stop back pain in it’s tracks with a plan to sit less.

Here are 4 tips to help you sit less and decrease back pain:

  1. Sit less – move more. Incorporate standing into more daily activities: phone calls, lunch, meetings, interviews. Plan for more standing throughout your day.
  2. Adapt your work space for more standing. Use adjustable desks, counter height work spaces.
  3. Adaptive devices: Use towel rolls, pillows, soft balls, etc to provide better support for your back.
  4. Exercise breaks: take breaks every 1-2 hours to stand up and stretch.

For more information and ideas for ways to save your back, contact our office.