BRIOworks keeps employees healthy and on the job

Retain great employees and maximize your bottom line


Why Invest in Employee Performance

Poor employee health costs companies millions in lost revenue.

Learn how building a culture of health improves your bottom line.

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Employee turnover costs companies approximately HALF of the employee's salary.

Learn ways to retain great employees.

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Healthy Employees Boost Productivity.

Health insurance plans are costly and difficult to navigate. Insurance coverage often leaves employees confused and left to make important health decisions based on what the insurance will pay for.

At Baudry Therapy Center | BRIO, we understand your frustration. We deal with those same problems. That’s why we offer customized health performance programs. Are you ready to get started? 

Here’s how it works: You will meet with a BRIOworks specialist to create a customized plan for a company. The result, a healthy workplace where employees are able to do great work for you!

What's the process?

Schedule an appointment with a BRIOworks specialist.


Let us create a customized plan to keep your employees healthy.


Watch your employees thrive and your bottom line soar to new heights.


What's my investment?

We know that no two companies are alike, so we customize our BRIOworks plans and prices according to company size, goals, and budget. Our clients can choose from a variety of services, including:

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