Health Education

Poor health, fear, and anxiety significantly affect an employee’s productivity. Non-productive employees cost employers MILLIONS.  When employees have health concerns and are unsure what to do, they often do nothing. Or worse, they chase “magic” fixes that simply don’t work. Knowing the right treatment at the right time is invaluable. Our bodies are natural healers provided the right environment.


Knowledge is definitely power. Understanding pain and its cause is the first step to recovery.  Physical therapy experts understand pain and spend much of their time educating clients on how to resolve health concerns. They also help employees find the right intervention, not only for healing but for staying well.


BRIOworks provides employers the power to help employees stay healthy and on the job by equipping them with the knowledge to eliminate health concerns. Keeping your employees healthy and on the job is a sure way to be a more productive and profitable business.  Call 504.841.0150 if you are interested in learning more about BRIOworks or if you’d like to set up a consultation for your company.

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