manual therapy

On-site physical therapy

Health concerns make employees less productive, costing employers time and money.

When employees experience health concerns and are unsure what to do, they often do nothing.  Or worse, they chase “magic” fixes that simply don’t work.  Having a trusted healthcare provider that knows the right treatment at the right time is invaluable.

Physical therapy experts are a great primary care resource to help employees stay healthy. Physical therapists spend much of their time helping clients find the right intervention at the right time, not only for healing but for staying well.  And when employees are well, they’re more productive!

BRIOworks provide employers on-site access to physical therapists to help employees find the right solutions to health concerns, so they can stay healthy and on the job.  Call 504.841.0150 if you are interested in learning more about BRIOworks or if you’d like to set up a consultation for your company.