5 Ways to Re-Charge Your Engine

We often talk about the benefits of exercise. But how else can you re-charge your engine to stay fit mentally and physically?

On vacation last week I found several great ways to re-charge. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Wake up naturally. Wow, I was able to score 3 days with no alarms, schedules, or time commitments. It’s amazing how good you feel when you can wake up naturally. Find a day where you can wake up well rested, naturally.
  • Water has a great way of relaxing you.  Paddleboarding through the mangroves in the Caribbean was a great place for me to relax the brain … and actually get some exercise.  Go to the lakefront, charter a fishing trip, or even canoe in City Park. Find some nature.
  • I spent seven days with limited TV and phone. Imagine the freedom. Find a way to turn off your television and cell phone. Even if for 30 minutes.
  • Just write! Whether in a journal, a letter to yourself or a loved one, writing helps clear your mind, and re-focus what’s important. I wrote letters to my wife, parents, and children. Great experience!
  • Schedule some quiet time. A hammock, on a sandy beach, and a warm breeze was a favorite place for me. Whether you nap, read, or listen to the wind. Find some quiet time in your day.

Vacations provide great opportunities for rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, vacations are often to few and to far in between. But with a little attention you can find some of the same benefits right in your back yard.

Let us know how you re-charge your engine?