BRIO Plank Challenge



THE RULES!!! Starting January 1st, keep a log of your total plank seconds each day by using a written or smart phone log!  ALL VERSIONS of the plank will count towards your total plank seconds!  As long as you maintain proper form, IT COUNTS!  Present your log to the BRIO staff by February 6th and collect your prize! 

FIT club- 2,000 plank seconds (1 min/day)

BRIO club – 6,000 plank seconds (3 min/day)

The client with the MOST plank seconds will receive a special gift from BRIO!!!

How many plank seconds do you have in you? Take the PLANK CHALLENGE!!!


HOW TO PERFORM THE BRIO PLANK? Lie face down on a mat resting on your elbows.  Push off the floor, raising your body up onto your toes and elbows.  Keep your back flat, tilt your pelvis, and contract your abdominals to prevent sagging of the hips.  Hold for as long as you can maintain proper form.





To make this exercise LESS DIFFICULT, plank from your knees instead of your toes or on a low bench.

plank on incline
Plank on Incline










To make this exercise MORE DIFFICULT, plank with your feet in the TRX.

Plank on TRX
Plank on TRX










Check in with us on the BRIO Facebook page to make your BRIO plank pledge.