Run Training – Running the Crescent City Connection

Sunday September 4th is the Crescent Connection Road Race.

For those in New Orleans the idea of hills and hill training is almost non-existent. Running hills requires a whole different pattern of muscle activation. It requires more strength, power, and muscle endurance. It even requires it’s own training strategies for maximum performance.

If you are running the race, you should be in your final phase of training, nourishing your body, staying loose, hydrated and mentally ready for the 4 mile challenge up and over the Crescent City Connection. Hopefully by now you have found an overpass or two to train on and have a plan on how to finish.

Some advice for those who are unaccustomed to running hills:

1)  Slow the pace down a bit, both on the uphill and downhill.

2) Don’t expect any personal records just plan to finish.

3) It’s still really hot, and your body will be working harder on the hill. Stay hydrated.

In addition, try these run training strategies from the pros to successfully conquer the bridge this Sunday.

Good Luck!

Rich Baudry

Photo credit: reflexblue