Fall Fitness Programs: Running FITness

With the summer months and higher temperatures behind us, fall is a great time to return to running. Start your run training off on the right foot with a running evaluation and training schedule. Physical therapist Taryn Cohn and running coach Chaz Caiado team up to provide a sound strategy for running success, providing a comprehensive evaluation of your running form and physical abilities. Our Running FITness four-week program coaches your way to better running.

Evaluation: SPECIAL $120 (20% off evaluation through 10/15/2011), Regularly $150

Video analysis, gait analysis, physical evaluation, home exercise program

Individual Training Session: $40

Run training session

4 week coaching plan: $55

Includes training schedule,  Daily Running/workout schedule, Running Log, tip of the week, 3x/week online coaching

  • 3 contacts/week with coach via email, text, phone calls to discuss programming
  • Include Tip of the week, day – heat strategies, general strategies, pacing, other information on types of training, intervals, etc.
  • Provide updated information from good running sources to keep the runner informed.

For more information on our running fitness program, please contact our office.

Photo credit: Ed Yourdon