Goal Setting: Take Action

Goal Setting: Take Action

penny-jarThe next step in our Goal Setting Series is the fun part: Take ACTION!  Goal setting doesn’t stop at the planning stage.  Often times, people get stuck in the planning process and don’t make the bold step to get out there and do it! No goal has ever been reached without taking action.

Do something today that will get you started, like buying new shoes, or training gear. Invest in the items that will keep you motivated.  In essence, you are investing in yourself and that’s one investment worth the time and money!

Work your plan and stick to it. Record each day that you worked your action plan by putting 1 penny in a clear jar. Take pride in seeing your pennies accumulate in the jar.

Workout routines/habits take a while to sink in, and you will miss workouts. When you get off course, don’t give up! Seek the support of your therapist, trainer, or friend. There is always a support team ready to help get you back on track. Don’t be afraid to use them when needed. Use the 80% rule: if are successful with completing 80% of your workouts you will reach your goal. Everyone misses a day.

If your training routine lacks enthusiasm, brings misery or boredom, try mixing it up. Change the time of day or the venue. Find a place that inspires you. Watch an inspirational movie or read inspirational quotes to find inner motivation.

When you  are not up to par, do not fret! Take care of yourself with appropriate rest, hydration and other remedies as needed.  Then re-commit yourself for the next day! When you get completely overwhelmed or discouraged, go back to your written “WHY”, and get back on track.

Reaching a SMART goal is supposed to be tough or it would not be worth doing. Try focusing on productive actions, those that will carry the most weight and inspire the greatest results. Achieving your goals is a process and it won’t happen overnight.  Most goals require consistent effort taken day after day, week after week, month after month!  And remember to reward yourself for small victories!