BRIO: The Next 15 Years

As we celebrate our 15 year anniversary, we are keenly aware that our success is a direct result of the trust of our clients.  We are sincerely grateful for your support and friendship over the years. We take that trust seriously and are already looking for ways to  improve our services for the next 15 years.  So what can you expect to see from BRIO?  The answer is autonomy, innovation and a comprehensive pathway to a healthier YOU!  And we hope a little fun along the way!

  • Autonomy: Direct access allows BRIO | BAUDRY Physical Therapy to access clients earlier which improves outcomes and speeds recovery.  Navigating the health care system is difficult. With a PT first approach clients allow people IN healthcare help them find the right care at the right time. Try PT evaluation first.
  • Innovation: Insurance based health care costs continue to skyrocket. BRIO offers cash pay options for those who want the care they want when they want it. Employers also continue to face rising costs of healthcare. BRIOworks teams directly with employers to provide best care options and prevention programs for employees.
  • Comprehensive Pathway: BRIOfit bridges the gap between physical therapy and health/wellness needs. With services for all levels, BRIOfit offers the opportunity for clients to get back to what they love.

Has it been awhile since you’ve visited us? We’d love to see you!  Call us today and we can help you get back to doing the things you love!  Call today to book your  PT evaluation.