Vacations: Time to Rejuvenate and Be Healthy

Vacations are a necessity, not a luxury.

Vacations are a time to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, an escape from the grind.  It’s when you can truly rest, rejuvenate and renew your spirit.

For many, August will bring last-minute vacations and quick getaways before school begins and the fall season kicks into high gear.  To make the most of your time off, decide the why.

Why are you taking this vacation?

  • To recharge the batteries.
  • To connect with family/friends.
  • For great adventure and excitement.
  • For rest and relaxation.
  • To see new places.
  • To have new experiences.
  • To get away completely and zone out for a while.

Our friends at TIGNUM offer this great read on making your time off count:


Happy Summer. Make the rest of your summer count, even if it is just one extra day away from work.