Golf Fit Series: Hip Exercises for More Power


Golf Fit Series: Hip Exercises for More Power

Do you want to know how to have more power behind your swing? One way is to increase your hip strength. Hip strength is integral for achieving more power.

Add these hip exercises to your program and get some power back to your game.

1) Medicine Ball Throw: In golf posture, fire a 6-8 lb medicine ball into a wall. 15 times each way.  To see how it is done, watch the tutorial video below.

2) Hip hinge: Hold stick as shown. Bend forward from the hip, while extending your leg back. (2 x 10 reps)

hip hinge2








3) Bulgarian split squats: With leg stretched back on a bench, lower into a single leg lunge position. Keep your back tall and upright. (2 x 10 each leg)

Bulgarian split squat











4) Lateral band walks: Using Theraband tubing, step laterally to the right 20′, then back to the left. (Repeat 2 times)

lateral band walk









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