10 Things to Know About Physical Therapy

1. Louisiana has direct access to physical therapy. You can make an appointment without a doctor’s referral. Most states now have direct access to physical therapy.

2. Physical therapists hold advanced degrees. We are required to complete seven years of formal study with at least six months of clinical training. In addition, we earn a doctorate degree and pass a national licensing exam.

  • Physical therapists have specific training which make them uniquely qualified to treat pain and movement dysfunction.
  • Physical Therapists are specialists at prescribing the right plan to improve health, fitness and functional abilities.

3. A physical therapy evaluation is a great first step when an injury occurs.

  • Working with a physical therapist, alleviates worry and initiates the healing process.
  • We know medical “Red Flags” and when to refer you to a physician for further medical testing.

4. A physical therapy evaluation is easy to book and only takes one hour. You can usually see a physical therapist the same day you experience pain.

5. A physical therapy evaluation is comprehensive. It identifies the source of the symptoms and provides a plan for injury resolution.

6. A physical therapist is one of the BEST resources available to learn about injury and how to overcome it.

7. Physical therapy is often a great alternative to medicine, injections and potential surgery.

8. Physical therapy frees the mind to help the body get better.

9. Physical therapists are energetic, positive professionals who lead people to reach their goals. We care about getting you back to doing the activities you love.

10. A relationship with a physical therapist means a lifetime of successful healing. At Baudry Therapy Center, it means you are part of our family!

For more on Myths and Facts about Physical Therapy from Move Forward PT. 

Ready to start your journey to wellness

At Baudry Therapy Center (BTC) our approach to physical therapy is simple: attention, competency and honesty. Your recovery is our top priority. Our team is committed to making you better off for spending time with us. We call it the Baudry Difference.

If you are unsure about physical therapy, give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.