Happy Feet: Our Rec for a Great Work Shoe

As physical therapists, we work on our feet all day long and it can sometimes take a toll on our bodies. Proper foot mechanics and support plays a significant role in the mechanics of your entire body.  Good work shoes are a must, especially for foot and ankle pain!  Lucky for us, we discovered the perfect work shoe that keeps our feet happy and we want to share it with you – the ZEROGRAND by Cole Haan.

“The ZEROGRAND shoe provides a professional appearance, while also delivering the support and cushioning needed to help our feet withstand long periods of standing as well as plenty of movement,” said Rich Baudry. “The athletic bottoms help us to be able to move quickly and demonstrate PT exercises with our clients, in style, and in comfort.”

Gone are the days of muscle fatigue from clunky dress shoes. The ZEROGRAND shoes are engineered with a classic, professional appearance on the top, but with fun, colorful sole with the flexibility of a running shoe.

“Most of the BRIO team sports these great work shoes daily and they’ve drawn so much attention that many of our clients have bought their own,” said Rich.

Good shoes are one of the most important investments you can make for your own health. We highly recommend these stylish kicks.

If you would like to talk to a physical therapist about the proper shoe for you, we encourage you to ask your therapist.  They will be able to help you decide which shoe is the best to meet your needs.  For more information on Baudry physical therapy and BRIO services, click here>>>

In the market for new athletic shoes?

If you are looking for a great athletic shoe, our friends at Varsity Sports have a great option to create custom running shoes and orthotic inserts. Their new Aetrex machine completely assesses your feet, arches, and weight dispersion to ensure you get the right orthotic inserts and shoes. If you’re looking for good athletic shoes, please go check them out on Magazine Street! Their staff is knowledgeable and very helpful!