How Physical Therapy Helped Me

How Physical Therapy Helped Me: Dick Trueting

For someone like Dick Treuting, staying active is living. So when balance issues started affecting his active lifestyle, his Doctor recommended physical therapy as a solution.

Dick’s goal was to keep playing golf, a sport he’s been enjoying for over 70 years. With a customized physical therapy plan and a lot of hard work, we were able to help improve his strength, agility and coordination of movement so he could continue the sport he loves. ¬†Watch Dick’s inspiring story on how he keeps moving.

The Baudry Therapy Center team is so proud of Dick Trueting and the success he has achieved throughout his physical therapy sessions. Our goal is always to help make our clients’ lives better, so when Dick tells us he can continue playing golf and cutting his grass, we know we’ve succeeded.

Age Well with Physical Therapy

As we age, we naturally lose strength and with strength goes balance. Physical therapists are able to pick up on even the smallest deficits in strength, which significantly affect balance. With a good physical therapy program, balance does not have to be a challenge.

If you or a loved one is having balance issues, lacks confidence walking on uneven surfaces, or has stopped doing things for fear of falling, a course of physical therapy is just what the doctor should order. Call Baudry Therapy Center today!