PT helps tennis player with hip pain return to the court

Tennis player returns to court after receiving PT for hip pain

Frank Crothers, a long-time tennis player, injured his lower back and hip while he was serving on the tennis court. His back pain did not subside and he continued to experience ongoing hip pain as a result. He decided that he needed the help and chose physical therapy at Baudry Therapy Center. Read how Frank’s hard work in physical therapy got him back on the court:

“I needed the help of a good physical therapist in order to return to playing tennis. I play tournaments at City Park, so solving the back problem was important. Physical therapy helped me pinpoint the areas that really needed extra emphasis through the whole chain of movement.  PT helped me feel better overall, stronger and more balanced. I have been playing since graduating from physical therapy and was even able to play a little during therapy. I gradually improved both the hip and the back and am now playing with no pain. Best of all, my game is improving.

I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with Baudry Therapy Center, as I was treated in a friendly and helpful manner. They gave me useful information about my injury and the exercises and stretches I should do to maintain good shape. I am very, very happy with my outcome and have already recommended Baudry to friends.”

About BTC’s Return to Sport Program

BRIO’s Return to Sport Program begins with an evaluation to identify the injuries that cause the pain and dysfunction that keeps them off of the field. To help determine the readiness for return to sport, our physical therapists utilize several reliable tools to measure ability and clearly identify when an athlete is ready to initiate a safe return to sport. If you have an injury and are looking to return to your sport, or if you want to learn more about our Return to Sport program, call BRIO today or submit your question.