Pyramid of Success: Industriousness

The first building block for achieving success: Industriousness

pyramidJohn Wooden, American college basketball coach with ten national championships over a 12-year span, built his career and his teachings on the Pyramid of Success. The first building block on the road to success is Industriousness.  What does that mean? Industriousness – (adj.) Energetic in application to work or study. Synonyms: diligent.

John Wooden wisely stated, “You must work hard on the right things in life.” He was always trying to learn more and improve his coaching abilities. “Go out and do your best and work hard because in the end you will achieve more than taking the easy path.”
We want to highlight a BRIO client that epitomizes the definition of Industriousness. Whether playing football, lacrosse, rehabilitating from knee surgery, or coaching younger players, Patrick Willis epitomizes industriousness.
Three months out from ACL surgery, Patrick is well ahead of schedule. Never stepping away from a challenge, Patrick tackles everything with industriousness.
In this video, Patrick tells us about his knee injury and his rehabilitation so far.  He also defines what industrious means to him and how hard work has helped him achieve success.
 Stay tuned to our blog for the next two building blocks of success: Friendship and Loyalty.
About the BRIO 2016 Fitspiration Wall: Make Each Day a Masterpiece

The Baudry Therapy/ BRIO team wants to help you accomplish your 2016 goals – whether that means losing weight, becoming pain-free, running a marathon, or writing your name without help! No goal is too large or too small. The 2016 BRIO FITSPIRATION WALL, located in the Baudry Therapy Center, focuses on the teachings of John Wooden and his Pyramid of Success. Our clients have found that it helps them track their goals and celebrate their successes!  The BRIO team is ready to help you Make Each Day a Masterpiece!  Stop in and declare your goal, write inspirational words to fellow clients, or commit to an event in which to participate.  Not sure where to begin? Ask one of our therapists or health experts to help develop a roadmap for your journey.  We guarantee that our team, along with your peers, will help keep you motivated so you can conquer your 2016 goals.