Golf FIT with Titleist’s MyTPI Program

By Rich Baudry PT, DPT, OCS

Spring is here, the grass on the course is growing and it’s Master’s week! If you are not excited about playing golf, then you are not a golfer.

So in looking to get back to the course, the question becomes what should you do to get ready to play golf?

Simple answer…get involved with Titleist’s MyTPI golf fitness program. Over the 10 plus years I’ve been doing golf fitness no other program has even come close to providing the amount of knowledge and expertise as Titleist’s.  Their system of evaluation and training is the best I’ve seen as it explains how your specific physical abilities affect your golf swing and provides a clear training plan to maximize your ability to play golf.

Golf is a sport for a lifetime. You deserve to enjoy and play it well. Come see us for your very own Golf FIT program.