Introducing the BTC Blog & Newsletter

Welcome to Baudry Therapy Center’s (BTC) upgraded website.  We want to provide added value to our patients and clients by providing access the most relevant news & events related to Baudry Therapy Center as well as educate our audience on physical therapy techniques & practices and health & fitness.  We will actively be writing blogs and will soon introduce a monthly eNewsletter.  You can sign-up for our Health & Wellness eNewsletter by accessing the home page and submitting your email address in the sign-up box to the right of the page.

The BTC blogs and eNewsletter will encompass topics such as: physical therapy, pilates, health & fitness, nutrition, injury prevention, golf fitness, baseball fitness, specials & promotions, and much more!  We will bring you fresh and informative content you can utilize in your everyday life.  Have a question about lower back pain? We want to hear from you, know about your concerns and discuss them with you so please provide feedback whenever you feel necessary. At the bottom of each blog you will see an option to provide your comments.  All we require is your name and email address.

Thank you for taking the time to read our content. We are very much looking forward to writing a successful blog to educate our patients and clients on physical therapy, health & wellness.

Best regards,

Baudry Therapy Center Team

strength, balance, motion…for fitness, for life.