BRIOfit is our most popular training program. Clients are provided with individualized programs aimed to reach their goals and promote total wellness.  BRIOfit will add energy and vitality (BRIO) to your life!

  • Professional Coaching
  • High-Level Fitness in Semi-Private Setting
  • Total Wellness with Accountability
  • Injury Prevention



BRIOfit PLUS is a supervised training program designed to keep you and your loved ones going.  Clients and their families are provided with the education and training it takes to improve their total health and quality of life.

  • Improve Balance and Strength
  • Reduce Fall Risk
  • Maintain Functional Independence
  • Decrease Caregiver Burden

For more information on BRIOfit or BRIOfit PLUS or to get started training, contact Baudry Therapy Center | BRIO today!