Pilates classes at BRIO build upon the foundations of the original Pilates Method. In a studio that is peaceful and inviting, our certified Pilates instructors offer advanced supervision to help BRIO members achieve a higher state of well-being—improving their core strength, posture, and functional fitness while promoting strength, control, balance, and increased range of motion.

Pilates is a whole-body fitness regimen for a lifetime. Through a sequence of carefully coordinated, fluid movements Pilates combines stretching techniques and strengthening exercises to work the entire body. Requiring an active mental focus and concentration with every breath, these simple exercises can dramatically transform how you look, feel, and perform.

Participants must complete a medical history form and as many as three (at instructor’s discretion) private equipment training sessions. To ensure proper technique, these sessions must be completed prior to group instruction. Appointments are available daily Monday through Friday. Our sessions offer private or semi-private settings. In addition to equipment sessions, we offer a special tower session package, which utilizes only the wall tower equipment.

To learn more about our Pilates program, contact Baudry Therapy Center| BRIO or stop by for an on-site visit.