Run Longer Stronger and Healthier # 3

Run Longer, Stronger, and Healthier week 3

  • Week one we worked on foot strength.
  • Last week’s exercises targeted calf strength.

This week I want to look at improving calf flexibility.  A common misconception when it comes to long distance running is that is takes place mostly in one plane of motion, the sagittal plane, meaning movement forward or backward.  However, each joint in the body, regardless of activity, must move through three planes of motion (forward/backward, side to side, and rotation) for successful task completion.

In the attached video I demonstrate a dynamic calf stretch that is designed to improve calf / ankle mobility in all three planes of movement.

Next week will conclude our four-week runner’s series on the foot and ankle.  Stay tuned as we discuss more techniques to improve joint and soft tissue mobility in the foot and ankle.