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Runner’s Series: Trivia Questions RELEASED!

Runner’s Series: Trivia Questions RELEASED!

Who’s ready for some TRIVIA?  The first 3-part series on the Runner’s Foot has concluded and it’s time to release the first round of trivia questions.  Before we begin, here are a few contest details:

THE PRIZE: One (1) lucky winner will receive a free entry for the Ole Man River 5K (thanks to our partner New Orleans Track Club) and cool BRIO swag!  BTC/BRIO will make a random draw from all eligible entries received. To be declared a winner the selected entrants must successfully answer all three trivia questions. The Contest winners will be selected on Tuesday, October 28.

HOW TO ENTER: Participants must email the correct answers to the 3 trivia questions to   Only one (1) entry per person.  All entries must be received no later than the Contest Closing Date and closing time indicated.

CONTEST DATE & TIME: The trivia contest will close at 5 P.M. CST on Tuesday, October 28.



  1. Intrinsic foot muscles help runners build a stronger foot.  Name the two exercises suggested to help build strength in the foot.
  2. True or False: Calf flexibility can only be achieved by performing as many calf raises as your body will allow.
  3. A hands-on approach to soft tissue mobilization is beneficial to runners because:

a.  It improves the mobility of the soft tissue.
b.  It helps improve quality of movement/impending restrictions from forming.
c.  All of the above.
d.  None of the above.


Thank you for reading our BTC/BRIO Running Series blogs.  We hope that the information provided over the last 3 weeks has proven valuable.  If you’ve missed the last few weeks, click below for the articles:

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We’ve just scratched the surface on Building a Stronger Runner’s Body, so keep tuning in! We have great information planned for the next series on Strengthening the Runner’s Hip!