Tennis Fit Series: Choose the Best Tennis Racquet For You

Tennis Fit Series: Choose the Best Tennis Racquet For You

Over the years, I, like many other tennis players, have felt the need to make a racquet change from time to time.  Whether my goal was to hit the ball harder, to be more consistent, to look more like a pro, or to take stress off my arm, I have always relied on outside help.  The rapid advances in racquet and string technology 315-Mainover the last twenty years have been very difficult to keep up with, which is why I lean on experts like Rob Provence, owner of Second Serve Tennis Center, to keep me up to speed.

Watch the video below, as Rob discusses the latest and greatest on tennis racquets and strings.

The type of racquet and string you play with can certainly play a major role in your arm health.  Choosing the appropriate racquet and string for your game is an easy way to reduce the repetitive load on the wrist, elbow, and shoulder, which is so important when coming off an injury or trying to prevent injury.

Here are some additional tips that may reduce the load to the arm:

  • A reduction in string tension leads to an increase in time the ball spends on the strings, which results in a decrease in load.
  • Gripping the racquet loosely prior to ball impact decreases the load.
  • A stiffer racquet, while providing more power, also transfers more load.

In general, a tennis racquet that has a larger head, is of moderate weight, strung at moderate tension, and is gripped loosely before and during impact combines the best characteristics to decrease the risk of injury from the interaction of the ball hitting the racquet.  To find out more information on which racquet is best for you, visit your local tennis shop and find the expert!

Stay tuned for next week’s blog for quick tips on recovery to reduce injury and improve performance!