Tennis Fit Series: Fine Tuning Your Footwork

Tennis Fit Series: Fine Tuning Your Footwork

footworkThere are many ways to improve the way you play tennis.  This week’s blog focuses on one very important aspect, YOUR FOOTWORK.    Whether you are preparing for a groundstroke or recovering from a shot off the court, proper footwork is vital! Quality footwork can improve your balance, timing, and quickness on the court.  So as you begin gearing up for this year’s New Orleans Tennis Fest at the end of July, you may want to add a couple of footwork drills to tighten up your game.  You can use a footwork ladder or a set of cones to start fine tuning your footwork this week.

Watch the video below to learn a few of my favorite drills to improve your footwork on the tennis court.

These drills are easy to do at home, at the gym, or at the courts. Try incorporating these footwork drills into your weekly tennis routine. These drills can improve your most valuable asset on the court, YOUR FEET, so you can play your best tennis this summer!

Want to learn more? Check out how the pros focus on footwork on the ATP tour by visiting this link >  Form & Fitness: Footwork is Key

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