Tennis Fit Series: Play Better Tennis in 2015

Tennis Fit Series: Play Better Tennis in 2015








The beautiful weather has finally arrived here in New Orleans, which means you, like me, might be thinking of playing a bit more tennis this spring and summer. So over the next several weeks, I will be sharing expert training tips, videos, and tennis-specific workouts so you can play your best tennis in 2015.

Let’s start this week with the TENNIS DYNAMIC WARM-UP!

Here are a few tips that will help you warm up before you play:

  • Get to the court about 10 minutes early.
  • Use the walk from the parking lot to the court to walk briskly to get your blood flow going.
  • Exercise the big muscles, as shown in the above video.
  • Don’t be afraid to take 2-3 laps around the court to stay loose and keep the body moving.
  • Take 5-10 practice swings (forehands and backhands) gradually increasing the length and speed of your swing.

Now you are ready to hit your first tennis ball! Consider mini tennis – playing inside the service boxes. Mimicking your strokes at a softer pace can be a great way to get your body ready for action! Good luck and go win your warm up!

Below are some additional resources on a dynamic warm up, so that you can warm up like a pro!
Dynamic Warm Up – Robby Ginepri
The Role of Dynamic Stretching


  • Shoulder exercises to keep your arm healthy and happy
  • Hip exercises to improve balance and performance
  • Equipment considerations: Racquets and strings
  • Focusing on the tennis ball
  • Kinetic chain discussion and drills to utilize it
  • Lateral movement development
  • Favorite post-match stretches