Dry Needling alleviates hip pain for DJ McConnell

Hip pain alleviated with dry needling and physical therapy

DJ McConnell lived a very active life until a wrong move while exercising initiated extreme hip pain. Here’s DJ’s story about how Baudry Therapy Center helped alleviate his hip pain and returned him to doing the activities that he loves.

About 5 years ago I resumed working out after a 7-month “break”. Stubbornly, I attempted to jump back into my old routine without giving myself time to progress. At the time of injury, I was preforming woodchoppers with a BOSU ball. I made a chopping motion to the left side and felt immediate, sharp pain wrap around my right hip and buttock. It radiated into my groin and down the lateral side of my right leg.

I was scared. It hurt to sit, drive, jump, run, bend, etc.  My back was stiff. At the time, I worked as a floor nurse so it made my work difficult. I complained a lot, but never got help I needed.

Living with a certain amount of pain became the norm. In fact, I accepted that I would no longer be able to work out, drive for long periods of time, run or repeatedly throw a ball.

I was always concerned about causing a “flare up” which I did often and the emotions that followed were full of frustration. I did all I could to remain as active as possible, but it was not easy.

Treatment Plan: Dry Needling, Manual Therapy and Functional Exercise

Josh Bryant, DPT treated me with IATSM, manual therapy and functional excercise for my hip pain and the injured soft tissue that supports and allows hip movement. He taught me how to move with my hips separate from my low back, which was something I had not done for 5 years because I was compensating for pain.

Everything has changed, especially my concept of body movement. I no longer live with pain, and I am more confident in my movement. My back and hips feel great.  Long drives in the car are no longer painful, and my love for the deadlifts (after a lot of retraining) has returned.

I religiously perform the stretches I was taught in therapy and over time have grown to look forward to them. My flexibility and my strength has increased. That might seem obvious, but I was terrible about warming up and stretching in the past. I cannot stress the importance of hip mobility enough.

Baudry Therapy Center helped me get back to life

Ultimately, Baudry Therapy Center, with the help of Josh, has allowed me to return to the activities I love. The thing I most regret was not getting help sooner.

Not only was the therapy and treatment tailored perfectly to my needs but I also felt listened to. Because of some insurance issues I explained to my therapist the need to get as much out of treatment in as few visits as possible. We agreed that we would shoot for a goal of “x” visits provided that I was performing the functional movements safely and in a way that would promote the overall goal. That seemed both reasonable and appropriate. In the end, I was fine with the way the treatment progressed and ended. Finally, when my therapist told me that if I had concerns or questions in the future not to hesitate contacting him, I know he meant it.

Josh Bryant, DPT said, “Once DJ and I came up with a plan he was very focused and determined to get back to his prior level of function. He fully committed to making changes to his desk at work, exercise routine, and lifestyle in order to get the results he wanted. This along with his positive attitude allowed him to be successful.”

Living with pain is not really living

If you are someone you love is experiencing pain, consult a physical therapist today. You only get one life, so make sure you’re living yours to the fullest!  Invest in your #1 asset – your health.  Call Baudry Therapy today if we help you get back to LIFE!