Neck and back pain doesn’t stop this outdoorsman

Neck and back pain doesn’t stop this outdoorsman

Cary Des Roches is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys all types of outdoor activities, especially hunting and fishing. One day, he began to experience neck and lower back pain. The pain radiated down to his extremities. Unable to perform any level of activity, Cary came to Baudry Therapy Center for physical therapy.

Here’s Cary’s journey back to the outdoors:

When I arrived at Baudry Therapy Center, the therapists gave me a comprehensive evaluation and treated me with dry needling and functional exercise. They also gave me a customized treatment plan with the necessary tools and stretching techniques to eliminate my pain.

In addition, Baudry gave me the proper education and take-home exercises to keep me active and pain-free. Physical therapy allowed me to take control of my health and resume my prior activities without pain or limitation.

My level of improvement has been a pleasant surprise given my pain level and limitation of movement at the beginning of my treatment. I am more than satisfied with my results and am happy to return to the outdoors!

For people like Cary, pain can come on suddenly and without warning.   These conditions are often set up by sedentary work habits, which leave people tight and vulnerable for an injury. So what is the best thing for recovery?

The key points to recovery are an early intervention, an active based therapy program, and taking an active role in recovery.

Cary did just that! We’re so proud of your hard work, Cary! We wish you the best on your next fishing or hunting trip!

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