Newman Football Senior Captain Leads Team to Undefeated Record After Ankle Injury

Ankle injury doesn’t stop football captain on the field

It was the second day of spring football practice and Newman senior captain James Poche got tackled while running a routine play. His ankle immediately folded under him. Coming off the heels of a hamstring strain during track season, James was devastated.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said James. “I had just come back to the team and I was eager to show colleges what I had to offer.”

James was diagnosed with a grade II ankle sprain by his doctor and was placed in a boot for 2-3 weeks. After spending a week in the boot, he realized he would need to get back to physical therapy soon if he wanted to play football.

He returned to Baudry Therapy Center and consulted with Josh Bryant, DPT who had a different plan for him.

“We are big believers in active recovery for this type of injury. James really needed to starting working outside of the boot. We removed it during PT and started restoring mobility and reducing swelling,” said Josh.

“Progress came faster than ever. Before I knew it, I was back on the field starting summer practice more motivated than ever before and with no pain or difficulty,” said James.

“Josh and I connected even more when I found out that he had also trained with my trainer and mentor, Wyatt Harris, Director of Sonic Boom. Josh and Wyatt communicated seamlessly about my physical therapy, so they customized a plan that would provide optimal success. Not only did I heal much faster, but I was able to learn things about my body and training habits that prevent future injuries.”

Wyatt Harris, Director of Sonic Boom said, “James is a true blessing. He is the perfect trainee because he wants to be great and is willing to do the small things to get there. This young man is accountable, training year-round. It truly matters to him that he is there for his team and for his coaches. James is a great mix of power and speed at running back – a true throwback athlete. James is a very special and respectable young man that I’m blessed to know and train.”

Josh Bryant, DPT said, “James truly understands what it takes to perform at a high level and is always looking for ways to get better. He feels that the combo of training with Wyatt and working with BTC/BRIO gives him an edge over his competition.”

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