Physical therapy helps teacher alleviate neck pain after fall in classroom

A fall on the job causes severe neck pain

Lynne Welty is a very active 4th grade teacher. While teaching in her classroom, she fell and hit her head on floor requiring sutures in her forehead. Her fall resulted in a concussion and whiplash which caused severe neck pain.

“My fall caused substantial neck pain and as a result, medication was necessary to function during the day and sleep at night,” recounted Lynne. “I was very concerned about falling again and re-injuring myself. My injury restricted my daily activity. Driving was even a concern.”

Lynne came to Baudry Therapy Center for manual therapy and functional exercise.

“Initially, I was apprehensive about going to physical therapy due to my neck pain and my busy schedule. The staff at Baudry was very accommodating in scheduling my appointments around my work schedule. Josh Bryant was my physical therapist and he was very kind from the very first visit.”

Josh Bryant, DPT, said, “When I first meet Lynne she was very nervous that her neck would never get better. She did not realize how big of a role posture plays in neck pain. We were able to make some changes to the way she would teach, sit at her desk, and sit to grade papers. Lynne was committed to getting better and was a pleasure to work with.

“Through manual therapy and exercise, Josh was able to help me regain range of motion in my neck. In just three weeks, I was pain free. Josh has a very calming demeanor and rather than feeling apprehensive about going to therapy, I looked forward to it to relax and “de-stress” after a busy day.

“I am amazed how much physical therapy helped me return to my usual activities. I am now living pain free. They taught me stretching exercises which I use at home to continue strengthening my neck and core muscles. In addition to alleviating my neck issues, Baudry helped strengthen and relax my shoulder and back muscles. I find I sleep much better than I did before my accident.”

“Going to physical therapy at Baudry Therapy Center was like being among friends. I am truly grateful to Josh, and the entire Baudry staff, for helping me recover from my injury.”