Return to Sport program helps Lacrosse player get back on field

Return to Sport program helps Patrick Willis get back on the field

While playing with the Brother Martin High School Lacrosse team, Patrick Willis got injured on the field. He went to make a cut on and when he pushed off his right leg, he felt a pop.  Immediately, Patrick fell to the ground in pain.  Little did he know then, but BRIO’s Return to Sport program would be the answer to his prayers!  Here is Patrick’s story:

I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to play Lacrosse that year, that I’d never be able to play on the same field as my brother again and that I would let my teammates down.

Then I started the Return to Sport program at Baudry Therapy Center. The physical therapy program pinpointed the areas that I really needed extra emphasis. It also gave me, my parents and my coaches the confidence to allow me to return to Lacrosse.

During my treatment, I saw more gains than others with the same injury. The therapists at BTC | BRIO helped me to get faster and stronger than I was before I got hurt.  I am very happy with the way I was treated.  We have fun all while doing the work to get me better than I was before. And the atmosphere is amazing!

If you have an injury and are looking to return to your sport, or if you want to learn more about our Return to Sport program, call BRIO today or submit your question.