Golf Fit Series: Play Better Golf in 2015

Golf Fit Series: Everything you need to know to play better golf in 2015

Spring is knocking on the door which means gorgeous weather is coming – perfect for the golf course!  Over the next 8 weeks, physical therapist Rich Baudry and PGA Professional David Marchand will share expert training tips, videos and golf specific workouts so you can play better golf in 2015.

Baudry Therapy Center’s Rich Baudry shares golf-specific exercises to warm up your body for that first hole.


Here are a few tips that will help warm you up for your best golf game:

Warm up: If you are like me the first couple holes can make or break my round. For a good start here are my keys to warming up.

  • Get to the golf course with time to spare, at least 20 minutes.
  • Take a brisk walk.
  • Exercise the big muscles, as shown in the above video.
  • 10-20 practice swings gradually increasing the length of the swing each time. swing both right handed and left handed.
  • Take a little extra club and swing 80% on the first few shots.


  • Scoring: 3 steps to score better the next time out.
  • Games and challenges: 5 exercises to increase flexibility and mobility.
  • Golf pain: Improve posture and postural strength to get rid of pain.
  • Putting: Secrets to better putting.
  • Distance: How to hit the ball farther.
  • Performance: Strength and power exercises for golf.
  • Course management. How to get around the course with the right mindset for each shot.

Stay tuned for the next Golf Fit series on Scoring next week!