PT helps guitar player return to the stage after hand injury

Music to our Ears…Client’s hand strength restored with physical therapy

Steve Neighoff had a somewhat unusual problem.  Steve is a guitarist who suffered from a compressed ulnar nerve in his left arm causing hand pain and weakness. This nerve powers and controls his “picking” hand. Therefore, it was difficult to hold the guitar pick and nearly impossible to play. The lack of strength and the tingling sensation in his left hand left him physically unable to do the thing he loves – play music.

Steve chose Baudry Therapy Center and it was our mission to get him back to playing music again. Here is Steve’s story:

Physical Therapy and Dry Needling at Baudry Therapy Center

My first visit began with a very comprehensive and thorough evaluation. My problem was a very unusual one, so I am grateful for the personalized attention and commitment from Kevin, Rich and the entire staff.  With only a few weeks before an important gig in New Jersey, they did everything to help me achieve my goal of playing again.

After ten intensive therapy sessions and dry needling, I gained strength in my hand and was able to play the guitar. As a result, I started my first session at zero percent and I’m now at 90 percent.

I look forward to finishing physical therapy and want to thank the entire BRIO staff.   Baudry Therapy Center has a unique and wonderful culture. It combines clinical professionalism with compassion and attention to detail. For me, this cultivated a feeling of confidence, calm and a spirit of fun.