14 Days of Quarantine? We’ve Got You Covered

Home Exercises & Stretches to Keep You Feeling Well

We understand that these are challenging times and that stress levels are probably high.  The need to “social distance” from others can be mentally trying but it is a must if we are to help control the spread of the virus.

But, social distancing does not mean couch confinement. Exercise has positive effects on your physical and mental health. In fact, our bodies need movement, strength and blood flow to thrive.  When we move, we build strength, and improve circulation, while boosting mental health and clarity – all things you need during times of stress!

Here are some home exercises to help keep you healthy:


Baudry Therapy is here to help you in any way we can, whether that is in the clinic (maintaining our distance while providing the same excellent care you’re accustomed to), by telehealth appointments, or by providing you with in-home ways to stay well. Your health and wellness is our TOP priority.  Give us a call if you need anything! We’ve got you covered!

Now more than ever commit to living with BRIO.

Pyramid of Success: Friendship and Loyalty

Building Blocks to Success: Friendship and Loyalty

pyramidThe next two building blocks in our Pyramid of Success go hand-in-hand:  friendship and loyalty. But why is friendship and loyalty important to achieving success in your life?

We asked a few of our Baudry Therapy/ BRIO clients what friendship means to them and this is what they had to say:

Applying the Characteristics of Friendship and Loyalty to Achieve Success

Over the many years that John Wooden served as UCLA Basketball coach, he determined that successful leaders possessed and instilled in team mates two important characteristics of friendship: respect and comaraderie. Demonstrating a spirit of goodwill (camaraderie) between your teammates and showing respect for each individual helps build long-lasting friendships and formidable organizations.

Wooden said, “Think of how much you’ll give when asked to do so by someone you respect and with whom you share camaraderie. You’ll give plenty  – everything you’ve got. Those under your leadership will do the same if you show them this part of yourself.”

Loyalty to yourself and to your friends is essential for establishing healthy relationships and strong teams. “Be loyal to your standards, your system, your values. Do not betray yourself or those you lead,” said Wooden.

You don’t have to be a leader or part of a sports team to apply the characteristics of friendship and loyalty to your life. Teams come in many forms: marriage, physical therapist/patient, corporate work teams, etc.  Establishing relationships built on the characteristics of friendship and loyalty will help you achieve success on whatever team you are on!