Make a full recovery from musculoskeletal injuries with good Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can help patients overcome musculoskeletal injuries

As people age, their bodies (musculoskeletal system) experience natural wear and tear. This wear and tear can leave it vulnerable to aches, pains and injuries. It’s a part of life. When an injury occurs, a full recovery depends on two things. First, how we manage the pain. Second, how well we address the underlying factors which have contributed to the injury.

What exactly is a musculoskeletal injury?
A musculoskeletal injury is defined as “pain/damage to the tissues of the musculoskeletal system. This includes injuries to the joints, ligaments, muscles, nerves, and tendons, basically all of the structures that support the ability to oppose gravity.”

No musculoskeletal injury is quite the same

Every injury is unique and has many factors to consider:

  1. What tissue is damaged and how it affects our movement?
  2. To what extent is the tissue damaged?
  3. What amount of swelling is present?
  4. Are there muscle weaknesses or guarding as a result of the injury?

People willl frequently try rest and medication. While this can be appropriate, lack of movement and masking the pain with medication may lead to incomplete healing. It could also lead to movement compensations and an increased risk of re-injury.  Failing to address the many factors and consequences of injury is THE worst thing to do! This will more often than not leave the body less than 100%.

When we operate at less than 100% and with insufficient recovery, our body becomes vulnerable to re- injury. In addition, we are prone to even worse injuries in other places.

The Answer: Invest in Your Health

Your health is your number one asset. The best way to ensure maximum recovery and minimize the chance of further injury is to attend physical therapy. There are no magic pills or magic treatments in physical therapy – just sound, evidence-based guidance proven to help you get better.

The process is simple. A physical therapy evaluation will identify the source of the injury through:

  • observation.
  • objective measurements.
  • physical testing.

After the evaluation, physical therapists use the findings to set up a recovery plan. Then, they prescribe the most effective, natural healing techniques to help patients achieve full recovery.  The patient is educated and actively takes part in the healing process. Each program is tailored to the patient’s needs. As a result, success can often be achieved in a few visits.

Take Action

If you have an injury, you owe it to yourself to seek advice. Consulting a physical therapist is a great way to ensure maximal recovery, reduce the risk of re-injury and maximize the chance of staying healthy.

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