Movember: Making Men’s Health a Priority

Movember: Making Men’s Health a Priority

By: Rich Baudry

manreasFor the month of Movember, we are making men’s health a priority! This week’s blog is focused on getting your mind right! While we preach about the importance of physical activity, mental health is equally important.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a spiritual retreat at the Manresa House of Retreats in Convent, Louisiana. It was a silent retreat based on the principles and foundations of the teachings of St. Ignatius Loyola.

Wow! How refreshing it was for me!  It was an opportunity to reflect, to think and to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.  Talk about getting healthy! A retreat is a great way to get your head right.

In my life, I have attended several types of retreats: work retreats, professional retreats and spiritual retreats all of which have refreshed and energized me.  In all cases, I have reinvigorated my passion for work and home life.  Most importantly, I returned more healthy than I was before the retreat. My mind was clear!

I highly recommend taking the time to give yourself the gift of a retreat. Whether work-related, professionally-related or spiritually-related, a retreat is a great way to refresh, re-energize and most definitely improve your health.

We teach our clients that physical activity helps to improve your brio, but there are many ways to increase your brio. My suggestion is to try attending a retreat. Here are two retreat options nearby.

Manresa House of Retreats
5858 La 44 Convent, LA 70723
Convent, la 70723-0089
p: (800) 782-9431


Emmaus Retreat Ministry
St. Dominic Parish
Brad Murret
p: (504) 481-8012/ (504) 288-1480
St. Dominic Parish Ministry Website 


Please feel free to relate your retreat experiences and share where other great retreats can be found. Make your health a priority!