Awe, it’ll go away

How many of you have recurrent nagging aches and pains.  Do you just blow them off by telling yourself and others, “Oh, I just have a bad back”, or “sometimes I get a crick  in my neck…it’ll go away”?   But does it?

I treat people all of the time for aches and pains that started 10, 20, even 30 years ago as a little nag.  The kind of pain that temporarily goes away with Ibuprofen.  Unfortunately, these aches and pains are often recurrent–each time coming back worse than before.  When these people finally get to me for treatment  the problem is out of control.  The pain and disability is significantly affecting their lives and the medicines are no longer working. Now it is a real challenge just to manage the symptoms much less change the course of the problem.  What could be corrected in one to two weeks now takes months to recover.

The truth is that most of us often postpone tending to those nagging little aches and pains. We tell ourselves, “Awe, it’ll go away.” But it often doesn’t. Each of our aches and pains are little warning signs that we need to pay attention to.  If we heed the warning early on and do something about it we can most likely eliminate it…for good.

So next time you get a little “crick”, “pull”, or “strain” don’t blow it off.  Seek professional help. Talk to a physical therapist to get you on the road to feeling ache & pain free. It will save you plenty in the end!