Is Sitting the “New Smoking”?

If Sitting is the “New Smoking” Then We’ve Got Your Cure

Research has linked sitting for long periods of time with a number of serious health concerns including obesity, increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist and abnormal cholesterol levels and even an increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer.  So what are you going to do about it?  Get up and start moving!

Here are a few ways you can add a little movement into your day at the office:

  • Stand while talking on the phone or eating lunch.
  • Go for a short, brisk walk during your lunch break.
  • If you work at a desk for long periods of time, try a standing desk — or improvise with a high table or counter.
  • Park in the farthest spot from the front door and take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Walk laps with your colleagues rather than gathering in a conference room for meetings.
  • Position your work surface above a treadmill — with a computer screen and keyboard on a stand or a specialized treadmill-ready vertical desk — so that you can be in motion throughout the day.

Just one hour of moderate-intensity activity offsets the health risks of 8 hours of sitting, and seems to eliminate the increased risk of death associated with high sitting time. So get off your bottom and get moving so you can keep your good health!  

If you need a little help to get moving or if you’re experiencing pain while you exercise, give us a call and we can help you return to doing the activities that you once loved!

Best shape of his life at 63 years old thanks to Physical Therapy

IMG_98271 (1)Physical Therapy Leads To Running Post-Career

Lee White, 63 years old,  stopped by Baudry Therapy to share his recent accomplishments and we wanted to share his physical therapy success.

White was a high school cross country runner and truly enjoyed the sport in his youth. When he began his career, he was healthy, active and weighed 175 lbs. But work and life responsibilities got the best of him and he started developing poor habits – not exercising, eating poorly, and over-stressing. His weight increased to over 260 lbs over his career.

White decided that he needed to get back in shape. Once he retired, he got back to running. Over the next 3 years he lost approximately 60 lbs. He felt great! But a knee injury and subsequent surgery required him to stop running. White was upset that he couldn’t run, but he didn’t give up.

After his surgery, he started physical therapy at Baudry Therapy and made great progress. He did the work and was able to get back to running! He is finally back to where he was 3 years ago before his injury. In July, he charted 53 miles and a total of 289 miles for the year!

“Running helps me in every dimension of my life. I am physically stronger, healthier and mentally more alert than I’ve ever been,” White said.

When asked what his secret is to getting back in shape White said, “I set goals for myself and I got educated. I also took the advice of the professionals here at Baudry Therapy and I didn’t give up.”

We love hearing success stories from our clients.  If you are looking to get better and return to the things you love, please call Baudry Therapy Center today!