DIRECT ACCESS TO PHYSICAL THERAPY: Save time. Save money. Feel better quickly.


Dave was right: Direct access to physical therapy saves you time and money and is a great way to help you feel better quickly. As movement experts, physical therapists are able to provide early intervention to eliminate pain and get you back to living the life you want.

Biggest Benefits of Direct Access 

  1. Quicker access to the care you need. Baudry Therapy patients are typically seen within two working days of scheduling an appointment.
  2. Less associated costs and reduced need for additional healthcare services. Seeing the right physical therapist within 14 days of the onset of low back pain minimizes the average total cost of care by 50%. These costs are saved by reducing the need for imaging, surgery, and prescription medication.
  3. Better outcomes and higher satisfaction. Patients who received physical therapy through direct access (vs. physician referral) had a higher level of satisfaction with their care and better outcomes at discharge according to a 2014 Study by the Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Journal.

Establishing a relationship with a local Physical Therapist can help you save time, save money, and help you resolve the aches and pains of life.  Physical therapists are able to provide timely care and collaborate well with your physicians, to get you the help you need, when you need it.

Take advantage of direct access.  Call Baudry Therapy Center when you feel pain and we can help guide you to make your best health decisions. One of our PTs will see you within 48 hours and customize a treatment plan for you.  We are your trusted health resource.

Telehealth Truth from Clients

Does Telehealth Really Work? Ask Dan.

Dan Friel shares his experience with his telehealth appointment.

Greg Miner Shares His Telehealth Experience

When we made the decision to start using telehealth services, it was our priority to ensure we continued to provide our clients value and make them better off for spending time with us.  We asked Greg Miner to rate his experience with telehealth to see if we were achieving our mission!  We promise we didn’t pay him to say this!

Q: Did you have any initial concerns about having a telehealth visit versus an appointment in the clinic?

A: I had my knee replacement surgery on March 2 and shortly thereafter, I began physical therapy at Baudry Therapy Center. The office sessions ended on March 16. My first telehealth was on March 18. I was a little concerned at first, but the staff at Baudry was very helpful with the technology and I became comfortable very quickly.

Q: Did anything surprise you about your PT telehealth visit, and if so, what?

A: The major surprise was how easy it is to telehealth, especially with a willing and caring staff working with you and your needs.

Q: What would you tell others about telehealth?

A: Clearly, the PT sessions were of great help. Most importantly though was the constant feedback I received regarding my progress. I can assure you telehealth with Baudry is worth the effort. You will physically and mentally feel better.

Thank you, Dan and Greg, for your feedback and for trusting us with your number one asset – your health!

How to Maximize Your Telehealth Visit

Baudry Therapy Center continues to follow the stay-at-home orders issued from the state, thus, we are working mainly through telehealth services.  While telehealth is not the ideal method of providing physical therapy, we’ve found that it really does work!  And now, most insurance companies are covering telehealth appointments.

If you have specific needs to address, please call our office for options or to speak to a therapist for advice. We will continue to be fluid as the situation evolves and make responsible decisions for the health and safety of all.

We’ve put together a short video on how to maximize your telehealth appointment.

Baudry Therapy Center’s Kevin Dessauer provides valuable tips to maximize your telehealth appointment.
We promise to help you reach your goals and benefit from the time you spend with us!  Call 504.841.0150 now or book your telehealth appointment through the link below.