How Direct Access Decreased Patients’ Recovery Time

Direct Access: Baudry patients take control of their back pain

Louisiana is now a “Direct Access” state, allowing patients the ability to receive physical therapy treatment without the need of a doctor’s referral. Essentially, they can start therapy the minute they feel pain which has proven extremely effective for our clients. Read what two of our Baudry Therapy patients had to say about direct access:

“I started having low back and sciatic nerve pains a few weeks ago. With direct access, I was able to get to Baudry Therapy Center and receive physical therapy treatment within 5-7 days after my symptoms started. Had I waited to see a chiropractor or a doctor to receive a referral, I wouldn’t have been able to receive treatment that quickly. After two PT sessions, my pain was gone and I was able to return to tennis and golf.  Receiving physical therapy treatment so quickly decreased my recovery time. I now have a better understanding of how to take care of myself moving forward.”

“I was three months post-partum and I bent down to pick up my newborn and immediately felt something in my back pull. The pain was debilitating and I could barely stand.  I called Baudry Therapy Center and was seen the next day. I could barely walk in their front door, but after receiving physical therapy treatment, I was able to walk out completely upright and with no pain. Within 2-3 days of my physical therapy treatment, my soreness was gone and I was back to 100%. My pain would have been prolonged had I been required to get a doctor’s referral. As a mother, it’s crucial to be able to care for your newborn. Thanks to direct access and BTC, I didn’t skip a beat!”


  • Faster treatment of acute injuries, produces better outcomes.
  • Improves communication and collaboration between health care providers in Louisiana.
  • Allows patient’s to choose the health care provider of choice.
  • Reduces healthcare cost for patients and for Louisiana.
  • Reduces medication use through the use therapeutic healing, not pain pills.

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