Plantar Fasciitis – Success with ASTYM

plantar fasciitis treatmentPlantar fasciitis one of those diagnoses that can be difficult to deal with. It has been reported to occur in 2 million Americans per year and in 10% of the population over a lifetime. I frequently see patients with a long history of plantar fasciitis or heel pain who have tried many things and seen many experts, before getting to my office.

One of the reasons plantar fasciitis is so tough is that the cause is usually multi-factoral. In addition to foot wear, trauma, or environmental hazards, there is usually a combination of flexibility, mobility, and strength issues that contribute to the problem. Without addressing all of the factors, the treatment fails. The best treatment approach I have come across for plantar fasciitis is physical therapy utilizing the ASTYM technique. This treatment approach is thorough and looks at the many factors involved with plantar fasciitis.

Click here to watch a short video of the ASTYM process.

Here is a recent patient account of their experience with this condition:


Just a note to thank you for your help in resolving my heel problem with ASTYM therapy treatments and stretching exercises.  When I was referred to you by my son-in-law, who as you know is also a physical therapist, I was literally at the end of the road in trying to resolve the pain in my heel from plantar fasciitis, which started about 6 months ago.  I  tried a podiatrist whose primary therapy was steroid injections, alternating hot and cold wraps, a walking boot, a splint at night, various insoles and orthotics, and ultrasound treatments, all to no avail.  After 10 ASTYM treatments over a period of approximately 2 1/2 months, along with your prescribed stretching exercises, I can report that I am virtually pain free.  From your initial evaluation through the last treatment, you and your staff have been professional, thorough and efficient.  You must continue to spread the word about the benefits of ASTYM, as will I.

Have you had plantar fasciitis? Are you looking for treatment for your plantar fasciitis right now? We want to hear from you. Don’t let plantar fasciitis stop you in your tracks. Tell us about your experience and let’s see if together we can get you back to tip top shape.

– Rich