Prevent Running Injuries With Kinesiology Tape

During the Rock N Roll Marathon & 1/2 Marathon Expo, Baudry Therapy Center had the opportunity to work with the Spider Tech team in demonstrating kinesiotaping taping techniques. We saw runners of all shapes and sizes completing their final preparation for the marathon.  For these runners, the anticipation of the race was palpable. Runners came out in droves for last minute advice on race preparation.

Kinesiology tape can have the following benefits for distance runners:

  • it provides structural support to the muscles and joints,
  • it provides neurological support to improve muscle firing, and
  • it improves local circulation to reduce inflammation and muscle fatigue.

There are several brands of kinesiology tape, all with similar properties.

To find out if kinesiology tape could help you, call or stop by our office.

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Image via Flickr: hojusaram