Get Snow Ski Ready this Season

Exercises to Get Conditioned for the Slopes

Mardi Gras season is less than two months away, and many locals will pack their bags and head north for the slopes!  Now is the time to get properly conditioned to prevent injury. Cardiovascular exercise and leg strengthening are a “must” before your trip.  You’re never to old to ski; you just have to properly prepare for it.  Watch Rich demonstrate some exercises that will get you ready for your next ski trip.

Here are some tips to help make it a great, injury-free trip:

  1. Add plenty of cardio to your routine. The air is thin. It’s hard to get oxygen to your muscles. Running, walking or other aerobic activity will help get your cardiovascular system primed for the trip.
  2. Strength training is crucial, especially for your core and legs. Muscle fatigue will reduce your performance. Lunges, step-ups or leg presses are all excellent exercises for ski training.
  3. Brush up on your ski fundamentals. YouTube has some great tutorials to get you ready for the slopes!

Let our team of experts guide you through the best exercises to improve your endurance and performance on the ski slope.  Invest in your health and make your 2020 ski trip a successful, injury-free one!   Call 504.841.0150 today to schedule your PT appointment today! No referral required!

Calf injury doesn’t stop tennis player from returning to sport

Tennis player returns to the court after severe calf injury

Mary-Marshall Seaver, an avid tennis player and tremendous athlete, has been active all of her life. She’s been playing tennis competitively for the last five years.  While playing singles, Mary-Marshall stretched out to her left to return a wide serve and felt her left calf “pop”.  After suffering a severe calf injury, she thought she’d never play tennis again. Then she enrolled in BRIO’s Return to Sport program:

My calf injury was so bad I had to be carried off the court piggy-back style. My MRI showed grade two tears of the gastroc and the soleus muscles, a complete rupture of the plantaris tendon, and a hematoma in between the two torn muscles.

At first, I was unable to wiggle my toes. For over a month, I was unable to stand on my left leg, and needed crutches to move around. It was difficult to imagine playing tennis within the foreseeable future. Then I found Baudry Therapy Center | BRIO.

There is absolutely no way I would have been able to return to tennis safely and successfully without Baudry Therapy Center | BRIO! Their challenge was to get me ready to return to the court, both physically and mentally. And they did!

Return to Sport program elevates strength and fitness levels

Through the BRIO Return to Sport assessment tests, the physical therapists identified weaknesses in my movement. These were not weaknesses I was aware of; in fact, they identified issues that were likely the cause of my original injury.

The physical therapists ensured that my injury healed correctly and completely. Their well thought-out plan was continuously fine-tuned throughout my recovery process. The attention to detail and customized care truly elevates the level of care!

Once my injury was healed, I started doing strengthening and agility exercises which increased my strength and fitness level higher than before my injury.

Customized PT to fit clients’ personality

As an avid high school multi-sport athlete and former world-class kayaker, I love to train, set goals and be challenged.  Kevin recognized that in me and created an environment where I felt like I was training for the Olympics again. But it wasn’t just me. While at Baudry, I saw athletes of all levels and ages being inspired to do their best.

“Returning to Sport” the Baudry way means not only is your area of injury better than ever, but your entire body is primed for your specific sport. Given the severity of my calf injury, I did not expect to step back onto the court stronger and more agile than when I was injured!