Fitness For the Business Traveler

travel fitness tipsSo you’re the type of person who is always on the road, you’ve got a million things to do, and you don’t have time for fitness on your vacation/business trip. Right?

Wrong! The truth of the matter is that you do!  Here are some ideas for staying fit on the go.

1) Quit taking the elevator for short trips!  Your hotel room is on the third floor, take the stairs!  Walk to the restaurant. It is only five blocks away.

2) Want to enjoy the scenery?  Good, enjoy it with a pair of running shoes on.  You can spend plenty of time hanging out at your favorite spots but do yourself a favor and walk or run to get there!

3) Use the fitness rooms!  They are there for a reason and collecting dust isn’t it.  A hard, twenty minute workout in the gym on the treadmill or with the weights will make you feel a lot better after those extra muffins you had at the continental breakfast.

4) Get in the pool/ocean.  In what can be a great total body workout, spend some time swimming in the pool.  Especially if you aren’t the normal swimming type, a few laps in the pool or swimming against the waves makes for a solid workout.

5) Lastly, don’t over indulge when out on the road.  There are more than enough healthy eating options when on business trips or vacations and if you stick to the 80/20 rule (four out of five meals should be healthy) you can easily maintain your fitness when building up the air miles.

That’s my top five… but what about you? What tips and tricks have you developed to stay fit while traveling?

– Chaz Caiado