Weight Loss Management: A Fresh Approach

Dr. Alok Kalia, a renowned physician specializing in personalized, real life weight loss management solutions is coming to Baudry Therapy Center on Tuesday October 4, 2011 from 4:30-8PM.

Join us and learn to:

Control hunger and food temptations

Understand your body’s metabolism

Manage weight through sensible eating

Cheat without gaining weight

Become your own weight loss specialist

Most diets focus only on food. They ignore the other important player – the body! But the body’s response is important, and this response differs from person to person and from week to week. In this workshop, Dr. Kalia shows why long-term weight management can only be achieved by understanding the body and treating it as an equal player.

Dr. Kalia begins by taking the audience for a guided tour inside the body. What are the types of hunger? Why can’t we resist eating certain foods in spite of knowing better? How, and why, does the body make fat? Why does weight loss slow down after the first couple of weeks? Why is occasional “cheating” so helpful in maintaining long-term weight loss?

Next, Dr. Kalia converts this information into commitments and actions. What should your weight loss goal be, and why? What are some easy techniques for selecting the right foods? How should you eat a meal so that you know when to stop without being hungry? How can you gauge the proper amount of exercise?

The final part of the workshop is a training program. Participants are provided with a workbook and detailed shopping lists, menus, and recipes for the next two weeks. The program guides you in changing your eating habits while you listen to the feedback from your body. The goal is to make you your own expert!

Dr. Kalia has been named one of the Best Doctors in America and is a national speaker on healthy eating for Vistage®, the Executive Development organization. Dr. Kalia believes that good health starts with the right knowledge, and his presentations are designed to provide that knowledge.

This weight loss management workshop will take place at our office, on Tuesday October 4 from 4:30-8PM.

Cost: $99 per person *includes workshop and light meal

Please give us a call to reserve your spot.

Photo credit: Helga Weber